The daily grind can take a toll on your hair. Between long days in the sun, pollution, harsh products and that monthly dye job, your hair can be left needing some serious love! You’re probably tempted to reach for that bottle of store bought conditioner, but fighting hair damage with more synthetic chemicals isn’t the answer. That’s where our DIY Lavender Deep Conditioner comes in!

Most products on the shelf contain synthetic chemicals that may appear to benefit your hair, but won’t do your health, or the environment, any favours.

Chemicals such as parabens can disrupt the normal function of the hormone system, and sulfates are even more concerning as they have been found to break down proteins that can lead to a degenerative effect on cell membranes. Another common ingredient in conditioners are emulsifiers that prevent the water and oil from separating in the product. Emulsifiers are damaging to the environment as they are very stubborn to break down naturally.

Not only is our DIY Lavender Deep Conditioner free of all of those nasty chemicals, it’s also easy to make with only 3 key, organic ingredients. And it’s definitely cheaper in the long run than any of those expensive boutique or salon alternatives! What’s not to love?!



1: Organic Coconut Oil

2: Buhbli Organics Jojoba Oil

3: Buhbli Organics Lavender Essential Oil



1: Combine in a bowl 1 cup organic coconut oil with 1 Tsp of Buhbli Organics Jojoba oil and 10 drops of Buhbli Organics Lavender Essential Oil.

2: Use a hand mixer if you have one or just stir manually to thoroughly blend all ingredients.

3: Keep in the refrigerator if desired. The mixture will have the same expiry date as the coconut oil you used.

Apply sparingly to clean, damp hair that has been gently washed, rinsed and lightly towel dried. If you’ve found coconut oil has left your hair greasy in the past, avoid application to your roots. Leave in for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly with warm/hot water to remove excess.  If you find you’ve applied too much on your first try, use a smaller amount next time until you discover how much is just right for your hair.



Buhbli’s Jojoba Oil is USDA certified organic, 100% pure and preservative free. Jojoba is the only oil (actually, it’s correctly known as liquid wax in the chemistry world) whose molecular structure is similar to sebum, the oil naturally produced by the scalp.

Moisturizing your hair improves elasticity which helps prevent breakage.  Your locks will be soft and shiny!

Buhbli’s USDA Organic Certified Lavender Essential Oil soothes while you condition and gives your hair a subtle, lovely scent.