At Buhbli Organics, we believe in collecting experiences over possessions, and that includes body products, which is why Buhbli offers a small range of products with big DIY potential. With just a few select products you can create a huge variety of amazing personal care and home care products for you and your family that are simple, affordable and free of any toxic ingredients. We’re here to help you declutter & detox your bathroom and create a healthy home, so let’s get started!   



Where to Start:

Start with baby steps.  Just do a little every week when you have a few minutes, and eventually, you’ll see big changes!

Look at everything in your bathroom and ask:

Do I use this?  “No, but I may one day” doesn’t mean yes! If you use it every day or on a regular basis, keep it. Otherwise, give it the hook.

Do I have too many? Is this a multiple? How many tubes of mascara or lipstick do I really need? Pick your favourites and toss/give away the rest. If you’ve got duplicates, combine the two into one container if possible.

Does this make my life easier or happier? Sure you don’t NEED those moisturizing gloves, but if they bring you joy and prevent everything from getting covered in jojoba oil, then hang on to them.

Would I buy this today? This question applies to anything, but it’s great for determining if you are really in love with decorative pieces. I’m sure those dolphin wall plaques were really nice when you got them, but if you’re just keeping them for the sake of keeping them, maybe it’s time to part ways.

Can the space it takes up be reduced? Okay, so you really do want to keep your straighteners and curlers and hair dryer but the drawer full of hair bands and scrunchies will barely close. Can you organize your cabinets more effectively? That huge box of cotton balls, can they be stored in cute glass jars, and the bulky packaging tossed? Getting creative with storage can really help minimize and declutter your bathroom.


Remove Harmful Chemicals

We understand that it can be difficult to eliminate synthetic chemicals entirely but you CAN reduce and minimize them. If you’re on the fence about keeping a product, check if it has any of these nasties. It just might help you decide to say your farewells and find a healthy alternative

DEA/TEA/MEA: Emulsifiers and foaming agents that are suspected carcinogens.

Formaldehyde: A probable carcinogen that has been banned in the EU. It’s found in nail products, hair dye and some shampoos.

Hydroquinone: Skin lightening product that's banned in the UK and rated most toxic on the EWG’s skin deep database.

Mercury: Known allergen found in mascara that can impair brain development.

Mineral oil: Petroleum by-product that's used in moisturizers and styling gel. It creates a film that can impair the release of toxins from the skin. Yuck!

Oxybenzone: Found in chemical sunscreens that is linked to allergies, hormone disruption, cellular damage and low birth weight.

Parabens: A preservative found in many products that is linked to endocrine disruption.

Paraphenylenediamine (PPD): Can be toxic to skin and immune system, used in hair products and dyes.

Phthalates: Linked to hormone disruption and cancers. Banned in Europe and California in children’s toys, but still found in many perfumes and deodorants.

Polyethylene glycol (PEG): Penetration enhancer used in many products, a possible carcinogen.

Silicon-derived emollients: Non-biodegradable and used to make a product feel soft.

Talc: Found in baby powder, eyeshadow, and blush, similar to asbestos in composition. Linked to cancers and respiratory problems.

Triclosan: Found in hand sanitizer, deodorants, and other antibacterial products. Is linked to cancer and hormone disruption.


Declutter & Detox Your Bathroom Checklist

 Download a copy of the Declutter & Detox Checklist here!


Now What?

Now that you’re all de-cluttered and relaxing in your calm, minimalist bathroom, what’s next?

Avoid buying more toxic products
Read the label before you buy. Need help? Get a FREE phone app, such as EWG's Healthy Living App, Think Dirty App, or Silent Springs Detox Me App designed to help you avoid toxic chemicals in everyday products. It’s like having your own personal Detox Guru with you while you shop!

Out with the old and in with the new!
Replace some of the old, nasty products you’ve freed yourself from with a small collection of highly versatile, organic DIY ingredients and begin creating your own amazing, non-toxic personal care and home cleaning products! Fun, easy, and so self-empowering. You’re gonna feel great!

Start with a bottle of Buhbli Organics Facial Oil as your new, all organic facial moisturizer, free of any toxic ingredients. Then get yourself a bottle of Buhbli Organics Jojoba or Argan oil, a small selection of your favourite Buhbli Organics essential oils and our Himalayan Bath Salts. With just these few items, you’ll be amazed at how many DIY products you can mix and create. And you’ll be feeling great knowing that it’s all truly good for you and your family!

Looking for DIY ideas and inspiration? Check out our Buhbli DIY Zone!