John Rody and Michelle Gojkovich

Co-Founders of Buhbli Organics

What's Going on Your Skin?

USDA Organic | MADE SAFE® | Non-GMO | Cruelty Free & Vegan

What happens when a highly successful, cosmetics industry veteran and entrepreneur (John Rody) in pursuit of a simpler, healthier, non-toxic lifestyle meets an artisan soap crafter (Michelle Gojkovich) with a science degree in molecular biology and genetics and 20+ years experience as a teacher and practitioner of yoga and Buddhist philosophy? What happens is Buhbli Organics!

Buhbli Organics ("bubbly") is an eco-friendly, Canadian company specializing in genuinely pure, USDA ORGANIC Certified, MADE SAFE® Certified, PETA Approved Cruelty Free and Vegan personal care products. But it’s way more than just a business.  It’s a shared, continuing journey into natural wellness and the expression of two lifetimes worth of complementary experience, knowledge and core values. It’s what you get when you combine intense, creative, positive energy with the strong desire to contribute to the well being of others and the planet.

Founded in 2014 by myself, Michelle Gojkovich, and my incredible partner, John Rody, Buhbli Organics has a simple, shared vision and mission:  We're taking the "but" out of "I'd buy Organic but it's too expensive" by creating affordable, Organic Certified personal care that’s truly clean, green and safe for all living things. We use only USDA Organic Certified ingredients in our products, package them in the most minimal, environmentally responsible way we can and sell them at very reasonable retail prices.

Why? Because we want to make a positive difference in the world that supports and enhances our own well being as well as that of others and the Earth. Because we understand that each and every one of us has tremendous power to affect positive change through the small things we do and the simple, cumulative choices we make every single day, right down to the basics, like the products we use as part of our daily body care routine.  We choose Buhbli.